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UK small companies and internships

May 5th, 2011

uk interns

uk interns

Even though the rumor mill speaks a lot of unpaid internships, interns that are placed to do only things that nobody likes to do, in reality, the situation is pretty much different.

Even though a lot of companies from UK (especially small ones) tend not to hire interns, as they do not have enough employees to give basic training and to deal with the interns, there are some companies (not just multinational companies) that are still offering internships for the  young high school and college graduates.

According to Mike Hill, chief executive of the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU), the rumor mill is by far inaccurate. That is mainly because, the small companies are always looking forward for hiring “fresh meat”, therefore hiring interns for a period of 3-6 months is definitely beneficial for the company, as right after the internship ends, interns can be hired full time, as they will have a tunnel vision upon most of the aspects from the company.

Moreover, even if not everybody from the companies is willing to say “yes” from the first time when it comes to an intern, most of the graduates who have passed through internships, as well as their bosses, claim that passing through such a period was a tough, but full of surprises experience, as they have learned to deal with problems they did not even hear about in the college or high school. And, as the minimum wage was somewhere near £200 per week (9 to five program, 5 days per week), being in an internship wasn’t a bad experience at all, especially that this kind of thing weighs heavily in a CV.

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